Somebody Give These Genius Animals A Ph.D. ASAP

We’d like to think that humans are the most intelligent species in the animal kingdom, but these dogs, cats, birds, and octopuses are giving us a run for our money. I don’t know where they learned these tricks, but their owners must be impressed and a little terrified.

Keep reading to see some animals who are probably way more impressive than your family pet. Some of them might even be smarter than your children. I bet your kid can’t catch a fish with his bare… mouth.

This Dog Knows How To Write His Name

Photo Credit: misslindadee / Reddit

This is Jumpy. He’s a shepherd mix. He knows how to write his name with a paintbrush. He’s also the best boy out there.

Honestly, I think his handwriting (or mouth writing) is better than mine. I wish I was smart enough to teach my dog how to do this.