These Spoiled Cats Have Better Lives Than We Do

Cats are known for their independent attitudes and their love of sleeping. Pet owners can’t help but spoil their beloved animals, and cats are no exception. From building cat castles to feeding cats sushi, you’ll be surprised what great lengths some feline owners will go to. Perhaps the most hilarious part is the way cats can come off like royalty, as though they own their humans. Read on to see some seriously spoiled cats living their best life.

The Sectional’s On Its Way

This cat looks just as unimpressed laying on her personalized couch as she would on human furniture. As it turns out, her owner doesn’t even have living room furniture! The Reddit user wrote, “My spoiled cat has a couch before I do.”


While a cat couch is undoubtedly far less expensive than a human one, it says something when your pet has more furniture than you do. Plus, that cat sofa doesn’t look like a cheap one.