The Starbucks red cups have been turned into hilarious memes

The war on Christmas has begun and it’s all Starbucks’ fault!

Actually the coffee retailer has done absolutely nothing wrong but at least one overly zealous Christian group has attacked the coffee retailer for not outwardly featuring Christian symbols on its red cups for the holidays.

A quick note: Starbucks’ red holiday cups have NEVER been Christian themed. They have featured Snowmen and Reindeers and Snowflakes, but there has never been any type of Christian symbology on the cups.

Thankfully the internet exists and a select group of artists have taken the Starbucks red cup controversy into their own hands.

1. A little dash of Christmas. Or Not.

Starbucks Meme - Red Holiday Cups

2. Here are the holiday cups you wanted.

3. A holiday cup for all major religions and atheists

4. The creepy crucifixion Starbucks logo.

5. The war on Santa cup.

6. The Starbucks Red Holiday Cup definitely is “IN” right now.

7. Then there is the jealous red solo cup.

8. The cup has even made its way into a Simpson’s meme.

9. A hilarious play on the blue/gold dress post.

10. And finally… Satan’s red Starbucks cup.