After A State Trooper Saved A Bear Cub, He Discovered Something Incredible

Though it’s usually best to stay out of the way of wild animals, every so often it takes human intervention to save a critter’s life. That’s what happened when a New Hampshire state trooper encountered a helpless bear cub that had been abandoned by its family. As he and his fellow officers learned more about the adorable baby black bear, they discovered that the cub was more special than they first realized. Keep reading for more of this heartwarming story about wildlife intervention at its best.

Police Warned About Animal Crossings

Evgeni Evgeniev/Unsplash
Evgeni Evgeniev/Unsplash

In many populated areas and big cities, seeing an animal crossing the road is only likely if it’s a pet on a leash. In more rural areas like the town of Bretton Woods, seeing wild animals on the road is a regular occurrence.

The wooded spot is located in Carroll, New Hampshire. The Town of Carroll Police Department often warns its residents to watch out for moose and other wandering wildlife while driving.