Steve Irwin’s Family Opens Elephant Hospital In His Honor

It’s been 13 years since The Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin passed away and his family is continuing to keep his legacy alive. The family continues to carry on the conservation efforts he was so passionate about and recently opened an elephant hospital in his honor.

His wife, Terri Irwin, recently revealed that the family officially finished work on an elephant hospital in his honor, which was one of Steve’s greatest dreams.

“We just — just — finished one of his greatest goals which was to open an elephant hospital in Indonesia,” said Terri to Buzzfeed News. “In Sumatra, when elephants step on a landmine or they get caught in a snare there was no hospital to treat them, and we now have just opened an elephant hospital, so it’s pretty special.”

The Sumatra elephant hospital was constructed and staffed with help from the Australia Zoo in Queensland.

“Steve dreamed of opening an elephant hospital after witnessing first-hand the issues they were facing in the wild,” said an Australia Zoo spokesperson.

The new elephant hospital is just one of many projects that the family continues to do in honor of Steve’s legacy, says his daughter Bindi Irwin.

“We have projects all over the planet about that he was so passionate about that we’ve continued,” said Bindi. “Helping rhinos and cheetahs in Africa, tigers in Sumatra — it’s so important for us to continue Dad’s legacy and what he loved the most, which was wildlife conservation.”

The Irwin family is one of the most inspirational families out there and it’s amazing to see how they continue to honor their father with the special work they do.