This Stray Cat Wouldn’t Leave One Couple Alone, Then They Learned Why

One couple couldn’t figure out why a stray cat kept coming to their home. The timid feline didn’t want to be pet, but she still kept following the pair and showing up at their house! They finally coerced her inside to find out of she had a chip connected to her owner. That’s when the couple got the surprise of their life.

An Animal-Loving Couple

They say that animals can sense trust-worthy people, and that certainly was the case for Erin and Landon. The couple loves animals and has pets of their own.

That must be why one stray cat became interested in the pair. The feline was a tabby, characterized by black and brown stripes. Over and over again, he would show up at their place with no real reason for being there. Eventually, Erin and Landon couldn’t ignore it.