How to take care of a sad person in 10 simple steps

how to care for a sad person

Artist John Saddington has created one of my favorite comics about helping others in need when they are sad.

Some people are experts when it comes to comforting their friends and family members while other people need help with that same type of comforting.

Saddington developed a comic series that showcases 10 simple steps you can take to comfort a sad person.

Just follow the simple 10-step guide and you’ll soon have your sad little subject wrapped up like a warm and happy sushi roll. 

lay blanket out
pick up sad person
lay sad person on blanket
roll them like a sushi roll
place sushi roll on couch
hug roll close
put on rolls favorite movie
Feed roll snacks
make sure roll is well hydrated
Happy little sushi roll

Your results will vary but the take away I got from this comic series is that the best thing you can do for a loved one who is sad is BE THERE FOR THEM.

More inspiring work from John Saddington is available at: