Tally The Husky Is Very Catlike Thanks To Her Unique Upbringing

Our pets are a very important part of the family, and we all want them to be raised properly. That means coming when they’re called, using the litter box correctly, and not tearing apart your furniture.

Well, Tally the Husky had a very different upbringing. Tally was raised in a family of cats, and because of that, she acts just like one!

Tally Still Has Those Puppy Dog Eyes

Tally first became famous when her story was shared on Reddit by user Dong_of_justice. Her owner shared the pictures of her dog who was ‘raised with cats, and thought she was.. cat herself.”

husky looking up while sitting under the table
Photo Credit: Imgur / xlinnea
Photo Credit: Imgur / xlinnea

Apparently, Tally’s former owners raised in a house full of cats, and decide to adopt some of those classic cat characteristics.