Teen Dresses In A New Costume Every Day To Greet His Little Brother At The School Bus

Some parents can’t wait for their teenager to get out of the house, if for no other reason than to end any sibling rivalry. But in the Tingle household, brothers Max and Noah have proven themselves to have a very different kind of bond. These brothers captured the hearts of people around the world when their story made international news. Read on to see how this big brother’s silly prank turned into memories that will be forever cherished.

The Close Brothers Will Soon Part

Seventeen-year-old Noah Tingle is very close with his little brother, twelve-year-old Max Tingle. In August, Noah started his senior year of high school. Since he knew this would be his last year before he leaves for college, he wanted to make it an extra special one for his little brother.

Noah drapes his arms around little brother Max as they smile for a photo.
The Bus Brother/ Facebook
The Bus Brother/ Facebook

After realizing that he was home when Max got off his school bus, Noah decided to do something creative to get his little brother’s attention.