This teen was ordered by a judge to sing on a street corner or face a worse punishment

Teen ordered to sing on a street corner

Teens mess up and they pay the consequences. As parents we hope their mess ups won’t land them in court — or worse — in jail. Unfortunately, multiple offenses can have some very clear consequences. 

19-year-old Rodney Hall was charged with a DUI and a few months later failed a drug test while on probation.

Based on his multiple offenses a judge could have easily sentenced Hall to time in jail. Instead, the Mississippi judge gave the young man a once in a lifetime opportunity. He could skip jail time if he was willing to write a song about his wrongdoings and perform it on a popular street corner.

Hall happily took the latter option, as he had been singing and performing gospel and opera since he was a kid.

“Singing, it calms me down,” the teen admits. “It’s a center of relief. I just thank God he actually had another option for me, because Lord knows jail is not for me. Obviously, I made a big mistake but lesson learned… lesson definitely learned.”

Hall took to a busy intersection and sang away about the troubles he had with his DUI and marijuana, all with a sign taped to his back asking drivers to roll down their windows and listen to his message.

Check out this young man’s third chance offer from the judge. Hopefully this helps him realize the errors of his way and turn his life around.