From Old School Bus To Tiny House: How This Texas Man Built His Dream Home

Like many people, Michael Talley of Austin, Texas, was sick and tired of high rent costs. Unlike most of us, he did something about it. Michael got creative and purchased a used school bus for practically nothing, then converted it into a tiny home anyone would envy. Before you think that this transformation was a snap for him, just wait until you see all the hard work he faced before finally seeing the finished product of Michael’s labor. Wait until you see what the rundown old bus looks like today.

The High Cost Of Living Forced Michael To Get Creative

Over the years, Austin, Texas, has become one of the most desirable places in the country for young people to live. As a result, rental prices in the area have been rising at a rapid pace. Michael Talley lived in a studio apartment in North Austin, and he was fed up when his rent topped out at $1,500 a month.

Austin skyline

As a graphic designer, Michael was creative. He decided to look into the tiny house trend and work up a plan for a new home of his own.