The Best Responses To The #Trashtag Challenge

Most hashtags and social media challenges are just for fun, but every once and a while a hashtag takes off that sheds new light on a worthy cause. A few years back, we had the ice bucket challenge for ALS awareness, and how we have #trashtag, a hashtag that challenges people to get busy cleaning up the environment.

These before and after photos showcase the best of human nature. Keep reading to see people hard at work putting garbage where garbage belongs (spoiler alert: garbage does not belong in lakes, on the grass, or on the side of the road).

A Clean Forest Is A Happy Forest

clean up crew in forest
Photo Credit: phattdev / reddit
Photo Credit: phattdev / reddit

This photo was taken in a wooded area of Vietnam just outside the central downtown core. The area is overrun with tourists who have a habit of leaving garbage around. Vietnamese locals also have a littering habit that’s proving difficult to break.

These young people all got together and took it upon themselves to clean up. Everyone who volunteered said that they were so affected by the forest tidying experience that they would never littler again.