The Heartwarming Reason Why This Kid Was So Proud To Get Dressed By Himself

There are some major milestones that kids experience in their development that every parent waits for. Their first steps, first words, and first tooth are all exciting moments. For a parent of a child with autism though, the smaller moments can be major milestones too.

Mother of an autistic child, Ashley James experienced one of those moments when her seven-year-old son sent an exciting text message to her husband. The reason behind the text message will make any parent appreciate the little moments.

Grayson Surprised His Dad With A Major Milestone

Ashley took to Twitter to share a sweet screenshot of a text message conversation between her son Grayson and her husband Garrett. Grayson used Ashley’s phone to send this adorable mirror selfie and let his dad know that he “got dressed all by my self.”

text message screenshot of grayson and his father garrett

Garrett sent back a kind reply telling Grayson he “did a great job” and Grayson seemed to appreciate the praise. While the text at first seemed like a silly moment between a child and his father turned out to be so much more.