The Inaugural Gowns Of First Ladies Throughout History

Whenever a new U.S. president gets elected, they have an inauguration. It is a ceremony followed by a ball. While the president takes center stage, the new First Lady receives special attention. First Ladies spend a lot of time on their inaugural gowns.

From Mamie Eisenhower to Jill Biden, every First Lady has gone all out on their inauguration dress. Some even planned their attire before the election concluded. They often hired talented designers, some famous, others not well known.

Each First Lady Has Her Own Personal Style

Who said fashion and politics don’t mix? The First Lady of the United States of America has always been an honorable designation. Each of the women who have stepped into the role has shown a keen eye for detail in everything they do.

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This, of course, includes their fashion choices, as millions of people will see what they’re wearing at any given time. And any outfit of the First Lady will forever be recorded in America’s history.