The Most Adorable Twin Dogs All For You

There are few things better than two dogs. The only thing we can think of is twin dogs! While one pooch is already a blast of serenity, throwing in two that look exactly the same is sensational. If you’re able to contain your excitement with one furry bundle of joy, chances are you’ll lose your cool when you see double the trouble. Continue reading, and you’ll see some of the best double doggos you’ve ever seen. Your cheeks might start hurting from smiling too much.

Two Retrievers Sitting On The Stairs

Golden retrievers are some of the most beloved dogs on planet Earth. They are the epitome of “man’s best friend,” plus they’re so precious. Owning one is excellent, but having twins means everything.

sitting on the stairs

On Instagram, pacer_thegolden posted this picture with the caption: “I’ve been having the best time at my grandma’s house in Portland with Winston! We’re from the same breeder — can you tell?” It looks like whichever one Winston is, he or she has an identical twin.