The Most Awe-Inspiring Caves Around The World

Humans tend to focus on the things they can see while overlooking the beauty that lies underneath (metaphorically and literally). All around the world, there are pockets of Earth that have been chiseled out through time and erosion and left us with caves and passages so vast and stunning that most people can’t even fathom them. These caves are underwater, inside mountains, or just in holes deep within the ground. Take a look at the most unbelievable caves on our planet and learn about a whole other world beneath our feet.

We’re surprised that deer aren’t afraid to wander into Deer Cave.

Orda Cave, Russia


Photo Credit: Victor Lyagushk / Barcroft Media / Getty Images

Orda Cave is located near the shore of the Kungur River, outside of Orda, Perm Krai in Russia. The gypsum crystal cave lies beneath the Ural Mountains and stretches 3.2 miles. Being one of the largest underwater caves discovered, it is ranked as the biggest underwater gypsum cave in the world.

The minerals in the cave make the water ultra-clear with visibility of over 50 yards. There is a local myth about the “Lady of Orda Cave” who is said to live in the water underneath the cave, although this legend does not scare away adventurous photographers and cave explorers.