The Most Awesome, Out Of This World Kid-Parent Teams

There is nothing better than seeing an adorable parent and child duo with something special that bonds them tightly together. For some lucky duos, their special “thing” ends up going viral on the Internet. This list focuses on some amazing parent-child teams and their adorable moments together!

This Hip Hop Duo Wants To Inspire

Stanley Freeland Jr. and his four-year-old son Josiah perform coordinated dances together on Instagram and the result is absolutely adorable! The two live in Atlanta and say they have a special reason for sharing their videos. Speaking to news team Fox 5 DC, Stanley said, “I feel father like son videos bring much joy and peace in the world today.” The two coordinate everything including the dance and their outfit of the day. Stanley has also observed how impactful it is to see his son is looking up to him. He also believes that it will encourage other fathers to have healthy relationships with their children. The duo has also now gained popularity and they have even released their own version of the alphabet song on Spotify and Apple Music!