These Are The Smartest Dogs Breeds, Did Yours Make The List?

People bring a dog into the family for many different reasons. Some want a companion, others want a protector, and sometimes, people just want to adopt a pup simply because they’re cute. Dog owners who brought home a pup for their cuteness were probably unhappily surprised to realize that their dog wasn’t also the smartest. Having a dog that can’t learn new tricks can be frustrating. If you’re thinking of adopting a dog and intelligence is important to you, take a closer look at the dog breeds on this list.

Rottweilers Have Been Used For Cattle, Military, and Police

Rottweilers may be notorious for their protectiveness, but that’s just because of their long history as a professional working dog. According to Pet Health Network, Rottweilers were first brought to Germany by the ancient Romans.

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They were used as herding dogs until the cattle car was invented. Once people stopped breeding them for their farms, Rottweilers almost went extint. Thankfully, police and military saw the intelligence in this dog breed and took them on, keeping the population alive.