The World’s Most Valuable Thrift Store And Garage Sale Finds

Thanks to shows like American Pickers and Storage Wars, there has been renewed interest in the lost art of “picking.” While millions of Americans are now paying more attention to the items they find at thrift stores and garage sales, some people have just been incredibly lucky. We compiled a list of the most outrageous thrift store and garage sale finds of all times. By spending just a few dollars, many of the people on our list became incredibly wealthy.

From $200 million photographers to unearthed copies of the Declaration of Independence, you won’t believe what the thrifty shoppers bought without knowing what they were getting.

Vince Lombardi Sweater: $43,020

Be Amazed/Facebook
Be Amazed/Facebook

An old ripped sweater at a Goodwill store? Most people would just walk away but Sean and Rikki McEvoy thought they were getting a great deal when they picked up this sweater in Asheville, N.C back in 2014. It wasn’t until the couple was watching a Vince Lombardi television special that they realized it was the famed coach’s personal property. After the origin of the sweater was authenticated it was taken to auction where it fetched $43,020. That’s a nice sale price for an item the couple paid just $0.58 to acquire.

One woman found the original movie poster for All Quiet On The Western Front! Read on to see how much it’s now worth!