Your Milk Mustache Has Nothing On These Messy Eater Cats

Pets can bring a ton of joy and love to your life… as well as a whole lot of messes. One of the biggest ways animals dirty themselves without even leaving the house is by eating. These cats got so filthy after diving into their meals that their humans just had to take a picture to document the hilarious sight. From sauce beards to food-covered paws, these messy cats will put your milk mustache to shame.

It’s My Birthday And I’ll Faceplant If I Want To

There are two types of people in this world: people who throw their pets birthday parties and people who don’t. This pet owner clearly falls into the first category, so of course they bought their cat a cake.


And, of course, they let their cat eat said cake with the carelessness of a toddler who just discovered sugar. As though the owner foresaw the mess that would ensue, they dressed the feline in a flashy hat to match its frosting mustache.