These Dads Have Failed Gloriously At Parenting And That’s Okay

Dads really do live by their own set of rules. They are goofy, sometimes they don’t think through life’s big moments, and they are loving. We combed through thousands of dad fails to find a group of images that perfectly sum up why some dads really need parent training to get through the day.

By the time you see these examples of dad fails you will be questioning if men should really be allowed to hang out with their own children unsupervised. From dad built swings to the Cheerios Challenge, there’s no lack of… um… interesting ideas.

Dads See The World Differently


If you are going to leave dad alone with the kid, there is a really good chance you’ll end up receiving a photo like this in a text message. This is the type of view dads have on the world. Although, we have to admit that this cute little baby head does look exactly like a kiwi.

This is one of the tamer “dad fails” we managed to dig up. At the end of the day, there is a good reason to NOT leave dad alone with the kids, especially when the father is a big child themselves and will likely have this type of day with the kiddo.

This Only Took 10 Minutes


It doesn’t take long for dad to do something like this with your little bundle of joy. “I leave my husband with the baby for ten minutes,” bemoaned a Reddit user who posted this hilarious photo of her angry-looking infant.

We don’t know if this baby photo should be classified as a parenting fail or a hilarious memory this small child will have for the rest of their life. What we do understand is that dads should really have a lot of supervision when interacting with their kids or stuff like this happens and goes viral all over the internet.

Who Needs Disney World With This Dad Around


A trip to Disneyland or Disney World can easily cost thousands of dollars. This dad figured out the perfect way to avoid those costs while still giving his kids the time of their lives. We’re not sure if this dad ride will pass federal safety regulations but their kids don’t seem to mind.

His wife may not have seen the funny side of this “ride” but the photo has gone viral on several occasions. Dads have their own unique view on the world and that just means their children discover new and exciting ways to try stuff in a different way.

A Child And A Beer


Our sub-heading isn’t as ominous as it sounds. This dad wanted to have some quality time with his child but he also wanted to enjoy a nice cold beer on a hot day. Using some out-of-the-box thinking he devised a simple but effective way to do both. The baby is having fun in its child swing and the dad is getting some rest and relaxation.

This is one of the most popular dads fails online but is it really a fail? Dad solved a problem that helped him out and made his kid happy — we consider this a daddy success.

Look At My New Hairstyle!


The goofy nature of dads is perfectly highlighted in this adorable set of baby photos. When dad was told to give his baby a bath he jumped into action with some bubble bath hairstyling that went viral.

The baby’s mom, Melissa Nas, posted this photo on Imgur and it was viewed millions of times. Dads are awesome at reminding up not to always take life so seriously. Plus, his baby is absolutely adorable and really seemed to be enjoying bath time with daddy. Hopefully, their father also remembered to actually clean them during bathtime.

That’s Now How You Dress Them Dad!


Jeremy was preparing to send his daughter to daycare when he put her in a pair of overalls and delivered her to her caretakers. When he sent a photo to his wife and explained that the baby was gone for the day, she asked why the child wasn’t wearing a shirt.

The dad claimed ignorance and left it at that. This adorable photo and proceeding text conversation caught the eye of Ellen Degeneres. After the photo was shown on daytime TV it went viral and Jeremy’s cluelessness was exposed to millions of people on TV and the internet.

You don’t want to meet this next baby in a dark alley.

A Badass Baby


We’ll call this one “The Early Years Of Harley Davidson.” When his wife was at work this dad took it upon himself to give his baby a goatee, a tattoo and a bandana. The baby went from looking like a young little child to a badass biker.

The photo went viral and people commented on how much the baby looked like a real biker. We’re not sure if this guy’s wife was amused by the photo but it was definitely a unique way to have fun with their kid. This is why dads shouldn’t be left alone for too long with their children.

The Cheerios Challenge


In 2016, the Cheerios Challenge went viral all over the internet. Parents attempted to stack the largest number of Cheerios on their baby’s head while the child was sleeping. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that a majority of participants in the Cheerios Challenge were men.

This dad fully mastered the art of Cheerio stacking and was proclaimed one of the best in the art form. It may have helped that this little child was able to sleep so soundly without waking up as dad stacked a ton of cereal pieces on its face.

This Gamer Dad Is Doing It Right


Believe it or not, having children doesn’t mean you need to change everything about your life to accommodate them. Kids, especially when they are very young, just want to be held and stay close to their parents.

This dad was on bottle duty but he also wanted to play his favorite video game. The only change he had to make in his life was learning how to hold a bottle, a baby, and a video game controller at the same time. The baby looks happy and dad gets to continue playing video games — it’s a win-win situation.

A New Way To Carry A Child?


There are certain daddy moments that make us question whether certain people should be raising children — this is one of those moments. This dad was in a supermarket when he decided to see if a plunger could be used to pick up his young son.

First, the plunger totally worked and the child was lifted off the ground. However, the dad didn’t stop to think whether or not the plunger might leave a mark. he also didn’t consider that the suction might give way and send his son flying hard into the supermarket floor.

Proving His Daughter Can Do Anything


Dads have a duty to their children to make sure they grow up believing they can do anything they set their mind too. This dad might have gone a little far by having his tiny little daughter push him around in a grocery store cart.

We have to hand it to this little girl, she’s really throwing everything she has into pushing her dad and a cart full of food around the grocery store. Dads love to show off their quirky side with their kids and they don’t care who watches them as they offer up their own take on the job of parenting.

A Bottle And A Beer


When your baby needs a bottle and you really want a beer at the restaurant there is a solution. This dad was so desperate for a cold one that he attached several straws together in an attempt to drink his beverage while his baby was busy drinking from her own bottle.

Also acceptable for this act would have been a twisty straw or someone else helping dad drink his beer. Of course, he could have just waited for his daughter to finish eating and then enjoyed his cold beer with a lot less outside of the box thinking.

This Dad Who Dropped His Daughter In A Foam Pit


Dads are often responsible for teaching their children to take chances in life. Whether it’s a chance on a new job or just trying something new, we learn how to move forward in life with help from other parents.

This dad was apparently attempting to teach his daughter a lesson about trust — and he failed miserably. Thankfully, they were swinging on a rope in a gym with a foam pit. We’re willing to bet this guy’s little daughter was a bit more cautious about the decisions she decided to make in the future.

Baby In A Dresser Drawer


If you want to play on the computer and your baby is in desperate need of a nap, you might want to take some advice (or not) from this dad. He prepared a sleeping area in the drawer of his desk. His little child gets to sleep and stay close to dad while he plays on the computer.

This dad definitely has a different take on what it means to be a responsible parent but he still manages to keep their child safe. This might be a dad fail in the eyes of some people but everyone is happy and healthy so that’s good enough for us.

This Dad Who Just Doesn’t Get It


This dad was shopping with his daughter when he realized there were a few household items that needed to be picked up. Rather than grabbing a shopping cart like any normal parent, he decided to just pile all his food needs on top of his daughter and her stroller.

The poor little girl can’t see where she’s going because she’s covered in milk and other household items. Sometimes dads don’t do the best job of thinking things through before they act — this dad proves that point perfectly and it’s hilarious.

The Hairstyling Struggle Is Real


When dads are asked to do their daughter’s hair it can be a real struggle. There are so many hairstyles to choose from and so many products that can be used for creating the perfect hairstyle.

This dad decided to skip all of the mainstream products and go right for the simple tie. While it might not be the most attractive option, his daughter’s hair was likely to stay in play throughout the entire day. Perhaps someone should actually invest a better-looking product specifically for this reason.

Time For A Skirt


We aren’t entirely sure how much of a fail you can label this one but at first glance, it is pretty funny. Dad holding hands with his child while walking down the pavement and wearing a skirt is a sight to be seen. Some may chuckle at first and others might pay it no mind at all.

But when you find out why he wore the skirt then he might receive your vote for father of the year. Fearing that his son would feel teased because of his clothing choices, Dad wore the skirt in support of him. Can someone say, Dad of the year?

Nothing The Tongue Can’t Fix


You know many parents hate when you waste food as a kid. They always try and make sure you eat everything you’re given. No food left behind. this dad takes it to the next level and leads by example. The ketchup, that’s right, the condiment happened to fall on his baby’s face ad he disregarded using a napkin.

The tongue came out in full effect ready to save that babies face from red 5. The child seems to be unbothered by the whole thing so that is a good sign. It could be that he or she is used to this type of behavior.

Don’t Add Your Dad On Facebook


Parents are supposed to be embarrassing. That is one thing you can’t change about them or avoid. The likelihood of them saying something or doing something you don’t want to say or do is greatly increased on social media. Just like with anyone online, they always feel it is easier to talk crazy while behind a screen. That means your Facebook posts are not safe.

This dad is living proof. His comment was a little suggestive but the daughter was sure to inform everyone that was indeed her dad making that comment.

Just Tell Mom


Here we have proof that women rule the world. This daughter was just asking for a ride because it was raining but he wasn’t having it. One question to ask is, why didn’t this dad want to go pick up his child? That’s neither here nor there. But pay attention to why women rule the world. Each text got the same response of omg. Then when mom was brought up, a no was added.

This dad knows he doesn’t want to get mother involved so chances are, he went and picked up his child from wherever he or she was.

She Needed To Be Cooled Down


It was either a hot day or he needed to discipline his daughter with an intense air blow to the face. The other daughter seems to be getting a kick out of this. The one getting the air to the face might either be enjoying it or hating it but you would never be able to tell by her facial expression because it is blown away.

Does this look like more of a punishment, a dad doing something wrong or a daughter wanting to have a good time? Whatever the answer we’re sure you’re not supposed to be blowing pressurized air on your daughter.

Oh, Facebook. The perfect way for a dad to embarrass his kid… next!

Hacked On Facebook


You know you aren’t safe at all when your dad hacks your Facebook and posts something like this. This is next level embarrassment from a parent that all your friends are able to see. Someone even hoped the post was real. After this, you have to plot some type of revenge. And we think dad would understand if you got revenge on him after a prank like this.

This might go down in the hall of fame of dad trolls. He is essentially calling his son an [expletive] head and even the friends are excited about it.

Bonding Time


No pants, no problem – the lawn isn’t going to cut itself! Here is a prime example of leading by example. The younger you start them, the better off they are when they grow up. And if this is the backyard then it is completely fine that they do the cutting in the comfort of their underwear as long as no one can see them.

But this dad should reconsider his choice of wearing no pants. And are those whitey tighties? Who let him do this? It is probably another one of his children that took the picture and not the wife.

Ballet For Dummies


This dad seems to be bent on learning ballet for his daughter. A noble man indeed, but what is he wearing? It looks cute on the daughter but on him, it looks quite menacing. Even with that cup of coffee in his hand as a stretched attempt to save his masculinity, just take a look at his legs. Is he wearing light pink panty hose?

Anything for your princess we suppose, but this is clearly going to be something his friends never let him live down. Well, at least the ones who are not married without children.

Gaming Is Life


We’ve seen a similar dad fail like this earlier but this one is a bit different. It isn’t a selfie and it just showcases the pure skill this dad has in gaming. He is balancing the bottle with the controller while playing one his favorite games and making sure the baby is fed.

It is not easy to play games when you can barely move the controller. Try it for yourself. As long as the baby seems content, there is nothing wrong with this image. Except for the fact that if he is playing online and can’t press start, it’ll be harder than usual to get back to the game if he has to attend to the baby.

Staying Fit


This seems to be a bit backward and alarming. The dad has a piece of chicken in one hand and some ice cream it looks like in the other. The child is getting the exercise that she probably doesn’t need at that age and he is skipping out on a workout he probably does need.

At first glance, it seems like a good idea and way to get out of a workout but you’re only cheating yourself from your fitness goals! This child might be a future cyclist! There also appears to be some type of soft beverage in the drink holder.

Baby Road Rage


Note to mothers, don’t let dad take the baby out alone very often. Some shenanigans may be going on without your permission but don’t worry, a video or picture was probably taken in order to show you. And once you get that picture, you can either fire him from taking the baby out alone or you can embrace it and make a meme out of it, like this.

Hopefully, they are not driving and just parked but you must admit, this is a pretty funny picture. It really looks like the baby is driving in a monster truck ready to smash over smaller cars with that facial expression.

Cookout TIme


Okay, we have seen this dad multiple times now and it seems like he has a good eye for taking father fail pictures. In this one, we see his daughter doing the work on the grill on top of the grill while the fire is burning. This is for sure not safe. And we also hope this a photoshop job. But basing off his other images, this is most likely real.

We hope his wife didn’t take this picture then it would be a father fail and a mother fail. You shouldn’t let a child be taking pictures like this that close to a fire.

Don’t Always Listen To Your Kids. Please.


This little boy told his dad that he wanted the Cletus haircut from The Simpsons. His father didn’t give much second thought to the request and moved forward with the haircut. The hair made his son look pretty goofy.

Given the fact that Cletus looked goofy with the haircut, we’re not sure why this little boy’s dad agreed to the strange request. Thankfully, hair grows back in a very short amount of time. This boy might look a little bit goofy but his photo went viral, especially among fans of the TV series who thought the haircut was right on point.

Hold On Tight!


This is very interesting. Maybe a bit disappointing, but cool at the same time. As cool as the photograph is, we still have to chalk this one up as a fail. You don’t put the safety of your child at risk just for a cool picture. At any moment that little girl could have fallen off his back and that dad would have had to turn into Aquaman to save his daughter.

So like we said, cool picture but bad idea overall. Even if she is a great swimmer you shouldn’t play like this.



Saving the city has been too much of a challenge for this guy. He just couldn’t do it alone. The next best thing was to recruit his two-year-old son. He probably can’t even run yet or jump (probably only by accident) so this recruitment of help is pointless. Another father fail we have here but the picture is adorable.

It even looks like they are trying to touch hands so it makes the picture that much cuter. Nice try Dad, but your son isn’t ready to help save the city. Maybe in a few years.

Don’t Let Go!


For that child’s sake, we had better hope he had a good grip on him. One false drop and that kid could have gotten seriously injured. They seem to be enjoying the jump in the picture but what happened behind the scenes? The dad could take the landing way better than the small child so it isn’t quite safe yet to say they had a blast.

Let’s just be optimistic here and say that it did turn out well. We wouldn’t advise everyone to do this. The picture could be a success but the aftermath is what is to be concerned about.

Sometimes You Have To Wing It


This dad clearly does not care about ridicule or being made fun of because he already has things figured out. Not having two life jackets doesn’t bother him, he’ll just create his own version of a life jacket. His little girl might have questioned his motives but she is probably thankful she didn’t have to wear the created version.

Kudos to the dad for making this flotation device and also not forcing his little girl to wear it. We still call it a fail because look how silly he looks wearing that thing.



Imagine you are a kid and your parents have one of the best relationships ever. No fighting or arguing and they are model examples to learn from. Everything is good at home and you don’t suspect a thing. Then out of nowhere, you get hit with a text like this.

What are your first reactions? Well, this kid needed to hear it over the phone because he couldn’t believe it. Thankfully, it was just an autocorrect mistake. This might be one of the biggest fails we have on here, sending your child into a major panic like this.

This Is Unfortunate


We may have said the last picture was probably the biggest fail but we have the right to retract that statement. After seeing this, this little girl would rather be anywhere else in the world than sitting in that chair right now.

Anything can happen at any moment that leaves this poor girl scarred forever. She already can’t erase the image of his crack out her memory because this is on the internet and it will not live forever. If that dad ate the wrong foods prior to this and happens to let one go, consider this the biggest fail.

Don’t Drop That Baby!


Does he not see that there is a crocodile waiting to feast on that baby if the kid happens to drop? This is a fail if we have ever seen one. The baby is all smiles but he doesn’t understand the magnitude of the danger he’s potentially been put in.

If this dad makes one false move, he could jeopardize the baby’s life because this croc could possibly consume that baby with one gulp! Someone should have stopped him instead of taking the picture. The crocodile is just waiting for that baby to fall, while that dad is being careless.

Dads And Their Jokes


If isn’t the most dad joke of all, then we don’t know what is. Dads always like to waste their children’s’ time, just for the sake of a good laugh on their part, it seems. Even if you need help with something or just looking for help with getting a snack, like in this case, dad’s will always find a way to give you a hard time before finally giving in and giving their kids some help.

Maybe it’s because they are bored or maybe they are trying to teach a lesson! Either way, you know you can’t get through a simple conversation without Dad being Dad.

Makeshift Baby Restraints


Any parent knows that if you leave your baby alone when they’re learning how to crawl or walk, they will get themselves into places you hope not to find them. That is why we have baby gates and playpens so that you can let your baby roam freely within a confined space.

Well, this father may not have known how to unlock the baby gate to move it or where Mom put the playpen, so he came up with the next best thing. He tied the ends of his baby’s onesie to the leg of the crib so that this little guy couldn’t get too far!

Dads Who’ll Do Anything For Their Daughters


This picture isn’t so much of a “dad fail” as it is a “dad win!” On the one hand, it’s pretty funny that this dad didn’t just take his daughter to park to go on a real swing and instead made a makeshift one instead.

But on the other hand, kudos to this dad for trying to give his little girl the full experience! Luckily she isn’t that heavy so that her Dad can have her swing on his shoulders like that. This must have been a pretty hilarious sight for Mom to walk into.

Dad Is King Of The House


We hope this picture was taken on Father’s Day, because if that is the case, then we suppose this dad has the right idea. However, if this was just any normal day, then we’d be a little concerned about what this dad considers quality time with his kids.

All seriousness aside, this is actually a pretty hilarious picture which goes to show that some dads never truly grow up and they think of hilariously innovative ways to make use of their children! Let’s just hope the kiddos were rewarded with some ice cream afterward!

A Buff Little Baby


Here is another example of why you shouldn’t leave Dad alone with the baby. If you do, you might just come home to something like this. This dad got a little creative when taking care of the baby, probably wanting to have a little fun. Dads will do anything for a good laugh, even at the expense of their kids.

This dad posted this picture of his baby on Reddit, saying “My son was Joe Rogan for his first Halloween.” This dad did an excellent job of emulating comedian Joe Rogan’s essence to his baby’s likeness. We’d say it’s pretty spot on!

Not The Kind Of Toy Shopping We Had In Mind


It looks like this dad and his little girl took a quick stop to the toy aisle on their recent trip to Target. But this baby must have been in for a surprise when Dad started using the toys against her! We’re not sure if this is a face of laughter or crying, but it doesn’t seem like this little girl is enjoying what’s going on.

However, the pin art toy outline of her face is pretty darn chuckle-worthy! When this little girl grows up she’s going to realize that she has a dad with a sense of humor. We hope she at least got a toy out of this experience!

Ready For His First Day Of Work!


When Dad is left in charge of the baby, that means he is usually also in charge of changing and dressing him too. Some dads really don’t know what they’re doing when it comes to clothing a baby and this dad is clearly one of those types of dads. He decided to dress up his baby in a business suit complete with a tie.

He probably did this simply because he didn’t know where the onesies were so he decided to dress up his little guy in the wear that he knows best. Dad just prepared his son for his first day on a job at a top-notch law firm.

“Pack A Bag For Your Daughter”


This dad was asked to pack a bag for his daughter before the family went out and about, but it seems that he took the request a little too seriously. Instead of packing a bag of essentials for his baby daughter’s day out, this dad packed his daughter in her baby bag.

She looks a little confused and uncomfortable in that bag and is probably wondering why her parents aren’t holding her. This would be a convenient way to transport a baby, although we’re not sure it’s the safest or the most humane! But we’re sure that this was all in good fun!

Kept On A Tight Leash


This Dad went on a walk with his daughter, but it looks more like he took his daughter on a walk! This little girl can’t be fooled, though, judging by the look on her face. It looks like his daughter is in for a lot of hijinks as she grows older because her dad has quite the sense of humor.

It’s okay, though, because it looks like this little girl has got one too! A lot of parents seriously use child leashes on their children, but we think that this example was just a joke.

“Quality Time” With The Baby


This picture is a little concerning for the fact that it shows a lot about how our personal devices are taking over our lives. It looks as if this dad is supposed to be spending time with his baby, but the baby is laying on the cold hard floor while Dad is sitting on the child’s play mat while using his tablet.

We hope that this isn’t how Dad spent the whole time with Baby because otherwise that would be the ultimate dad fail if we ever saw one! But we’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and say he was just looking for the best episode of Barney to watch with his kid.

When It’s Too Hot To Walk Outside


Sometimes it’s just too darn hot to take your kids outside when they want to play. A lot of parents will feel bad about this, so they’ll think of ways to improvise. This dad had the genius idea to attach his son’s wagon to the back of the truck, although we’re not so sure it’s the safest idea.

However, it looks like this little one doesn’t seem to mind and he’s just enjoying a ride out in the sun with his juice box. This does actually look like a lot of fun, but considering the legal consequences of this, we’re sure this dad wouldn’t want to try this again.

A Banana Hat


This little guy’s dad decided to have some fun and use his banana peel to give his son a cute hat. But the baby boy doesn’t look too impressed by his father’s fashion choices. He’s probably thinking, C’mon Dad! I’m not a trash can. Enough of the funny business and let’s go home already!

Dads will do anything to get a laugh out of their kids, but more often than not, they’re only making themselves laugh. But one thing’s for sure, you’ll always have fun with Dad! This little boy will probably catch on to that later in life.

Up All Night


This baby looks like he had a full night of partying and he’s trying to sleep it off. At least, that’s what his dad will have you think! When dads see prime opportunities to poke fun at their kids, they will certainly take that chance.

In this case, Dad took some naked Barbie dolls, a couple of brews, and a pack of cigarettes to make it look like his baby is wasted from partying. It’s a little inappropriate, yes, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not funny! When this boy grows up, he’ll probably be glad that his dad took this photo of him.

When Your Son Can’t Hang


This is another example of dads taking advantage of opportune moments. This dad probably took a page from the previous dad’s book and decided to portray his sleeping baby boy partaking in some adult activities. The activities, in this case, would be shots of Jameson!

This dad probably had a laugh while taking this picture as it looks like his son is passed out because of the shots of Jameson! We’re sure that Mom wasn’t too pleased with this photo, however. Hopefully, the baby doesn’t remember any of this and discovers alcohol when he is of age!

Swaddling Is Some Serious Business


One of the biggest things that new parents usually have trouble with is the art of swaddling. Babies like to be swaddled because the warm confinement reminds them of their cozy time in the womb.

Well, it looks like this dad hasn’t quite learned the right technique yet, but we will say that he is a master at improvising! Dad used some industrial-grade clamps to get his baby’s wrap snug and in place. It looks like the idea worked, too, because the baby is fast asleep. She probably can’t even tell the difference! Way to go, Dad!

A Sidewalk Sale


We certainly hope this picture was a joke! Some parents just feel like they were thrust into parenthood and that they cannot handle it anymore. This Dad had one solution—kidding! All jokes aside, this Dad decided to have some fun with what looks like the family’s moving sale and perhaps they didn’t need that baby seat anymore.

With the “free stuff” sign and all the items they’re leaving on the curb, it was a prime opportunity for a funny picture! We’re sure that anyone would be happy to pick up a free bubbly baby that adorable!

Don’t Let Dad Cut Your Hair


Dads are usually tasked with giving their sons haircuts when they’re young boys. Most dads usually know what they’re doing, especially when they have a sense of humor about it. This little boy is probably not that aware of the haircut his dad just gave him, but with his hair getting longer we suppose that Dad saw this as the perfect opportunity to give his son an old man haircut!

By only shaving off the middle, this dad gave his son one of the most hilarious haircuts we’ve ever seen on a child. Hopefully, this young man will look back on this photo and have a good laugh!

When You Are Very Organized


Some parents are super organized and people who are very organized tend to have a little too much fun with a label maker when they get their hands on one. Such is the case with this photo, when Dad labeled his little one as “Baby,” as if he would forget!

Of course, this baby looks like a newborn so we can understand a new parent’s struggle to remember their new responsibilities as a parent! With the label on his baby’s forehead, now Dad will never forget that he is no longer just your average married guy, but in fact, he is your average married guy with a baby.

This Dad And Son Duo Get Along Just Fine


What started out as a babysitting job turned into a teaching opportunity. But the only thing that was taught here, was how to take direction. Mom probably had her little boy all penned up and asked Dad to keep on eye on their son, but then she came home to this.

Dad probably felt bad that his little boy was all locked up, so he taught the little guy that the gates were removable. They then penned Dad up around his computers and let the baby roam free! Now that we think about it, this was probably the baby’s plan all along…

We’ve All Been There


It looks like this Dad was tasked with watching his kid for the day. But anyone who has a toddler knows that it is a pretty exhausting task! It looks like this dad was running around with his baby all morning and then they decided to set up a little theater so that the baby could watch TV with all their stuffed animal friends.

But once that was set up, Dad was pretty exhausted and ended up falling asleep! That was no problem for the baby though, since they’re not only watching TV, but they are also using Dad as a comfy cushion.

Too Much Information


It was incredibly sweet for this father to show up to the airport with the kids to welcome home their mom. However, she most likely cringed when she saw their three signs, displayed for all to see as she gets off the plane and is back from serving a prison sentence.

This father had the right idea, but missed the mark just a bit. Hopefully, the mom has a good sense of humor and can look back on this and laugh. We’re sure that other people in the airport got a kick out of it.

Not The Bedtime Story He Was Expecting


Parents know that it’s good to read to their kids; to stimulate their minds and help them learn, or spend quality time with them while relaxing. This young dad (who may or may not be single) didn’t have any children’s books handy, so he decided to pull a magazine out from him his personal collection.

Judging by the baby’s face, he knows this magazine is different from his other bedtime stories, and he may also be getting thirsty for some milk. This is a photo that he will look back on when he’s older and laugh. Let’s just hope mom shares the same feeling.

Sleep There If You Want To


Kids fall asleep in weird positions, and in weird places. This little girl fell asleep on the coffee table while her dad was watching her, and mom was out. What started with a few stuffed animals led to a game of seeing how many of her toys the father could place on her without her waking up.

Some college students play this game when their friends pass out at parties, but this dad has brought the game into parenting. Hopefully, he put his daughter in bed before he called it a night and she didn’t roll off the table in a mess of toys.

He’ll Probably Be Walking Home Now


When this father went to his son’s school to pick him up, he decided to do it dressed as an Olympic swimmer, for whatever reason. The father, donning a speedo, jogged through crowds of kids with his arms outstretched, calling to his son, and welcoming with a big hug.

Of course, the other middle school-aged kids were laughing and taking photos while the son had no choice but to claim his father and take in the humiliation. We’re guessing that he’ll think twice before accepting a ride home from school with dad.

Here’s Your Sign


This Cleveland Ohio father had initially invited his son to the Cavalier’s game but then found out that he hadn’t been focusing on his school work. Seeing that his son Thomas’ grades were down, Dad decided that he’d have to sit this game out, stay home and study.

Along with a good sense of humor, this father decided to bring a homemade sign to the basketball game and was filmed in the audience. This had to have been salt in the wound for his son, but lesson learned: Bad grades mean you can’t go to the NBA game and Dad will publically humiliate you.

Face Swap


This face swap is too funny not to share. This father took a photo from a day at the beach with his son, and swapped out the faces so that it appears his infant son, with a chest full of hair, is holding his tiny father.

While it’s typical for mothers to want to capture their beach day in photos to share on social media, fathers will take a different route. Rather than a photo of their son laughing as his feet touch the ocean water, this dad opted for this funny face swap, which he shared on social media.

Distractions Everywhere


Here’s another father who thinks it’s never too early to introduce their son to the world of beautiful women. This dad decided to take his baby to the local Hooters restaurant and document the moment with a photo with one of the Hooters girls.

If this dad is single, there’s a good chance that he brought his son there as his wingman, as women often fawn over babies. If he’s not single, however, and this image pops up on his social media for his significant other and her family to see, there might be some questions to follow.

A Fantastic Photoshoot From The ’90s


Kids don’t typically like going down to the mall to take the annual family photo. Dressing up in clothes they don’t like, doing cheesy poses with their parents just isn’t ‘cool’. This dad, however, chose to take the photos his son’s way.

Clearly, from the ’90s, this fantastic photo shoot proves that photos don’t have to be stale and boring to become a memorable family photo. Here the father untucked his shirt and threw his hat to the side to be ‘cool’ like his son. They even have poses that resemble a boy band album cover. Kudos to this father.

That One Will Cost You


This dad was trying to do the right thing, by gifting his daughter a dollar for the tooth that she lost. While waiting for her to fall asleep, the father had a few beers, and maybe one too many. When it was time to sneak into his daughter’s room and play the tooth fairy, he reached into his wallet and pulled out the wrong bill.

His daughter was elated to discover that the tooth fairy was VERY generous, in giving her $100 for her lost tooth. You can tell by the dad’s reaction that he’s going to have a hard time explaining this one. Next time she’ll expect $200!

Let’s Tutu


This funny dad decided to get on board the tutu train. Either he or his wife dressed up their baby in a cute ballerina outfit, but dad wanted to get in on the costume fun as well. Here he donned a traditional male ballet outfit of black v-neck and black leggings, but then decided to take it up a notch with the bright pink tutu.

By the looks of the baby’s face, she’s not too sure what’s going on, but this will for sure be a photo that she treasures when she’s older.

Dad, Can You Put My Hair In A Bun?


If you’re a dad and you don’t have a lot of experience with “doing hair” you might also take your daughter too seriously when she asks you to put her hair in a bun. On the one hand, this is a horrible interpretation of what the little girl was asking for. At the same time, it’s actually kind of brilliant.

This little girl’s hair is in a bun and she has a portable snack after a long day of playing outside with friends. Dads are a breed all their own and this viral photo proves that they are full of dad humor at every turn. Wow.

Another example of a dad perfoming salon services is coming up next.

Dads Are Not Toenail Artists


This dad learned that hard way that some simple tasks are not as easy as they might appear. He posted on Father’s Day that he decided to paint his daughter’s toenails at her request and failed miserably. He perfectly summed up the disaster that was his first attempting at painting nail.

“My daughter’s toes look like they were dipped in nacho cheese.” Here’s to hoping that his daughter, Abby, at least appreciated her dad’s attempts at painting her toenails. It’s lucky for this little girl that nail polish remover is available.