These Genius Kids Are Out To Change The World

Kids truly are capable of anything, and this bunch is here to prove it. From musical geniuses to mathematicians, these youngsters have already made incredible contributions to society — and most of them can’t even legally drive yet! You can’t help but be impressed (and maybe feel a little inferior) by this group of genius kids who are changing the world.

Wait until you meet Akrit Pran Jaswal — the seven-year-old who gained worldwide attention after he performed surgery at.

Kenneth Shinozuka Is Helping Alzheimer’s Patients

Kenneth Shinozuka-childgenius.jpg

Kenneth Shinozuka was fascinated with technology from a young age — so he set out to use his passion for technology to help his ailing grandfather. When Kenneth was only six years old, he invented Smart Bathroom. Smart Bathroom is a watch that sends a buzz alert to a caretaker if an elderly person falls in the bathroom. Kenneth didn’t stop there though. The next year he invented Smart Medicine Box, which is a pill box that lights up and makes noises whenever a patient needs to take their medicine. Most recently, Kenneth has created an amazing product that helps Alzheimer’s patients. A simple sensor attached to a patient’s foot or sock alert caretakers to their location if they have wandered off.