Genius Uses For Muffin Trays Might Have You Running To The Cupboard

Have you heard? Muffin trays aren’t just used for muffins anymore! Considered a single-use player in the kitchen for years, home chefs and parents are learning all sorts of creative things to do with them today. Did you know you could fix broken crayons in a muffin tray? How about hard boil eggs without boiling a gigantic pot of water? Read on to find out all the hidden tricks you can use your muffin pans for!

The Perfect Snack Tray

Do have trouble with over-snacking? Maybe you never know how much of every snack to put out at a party? Try this: use your muffin tin to perfectly portion your snacks. Each cup gets filled with one thing. You can be as healthy or as devilishly decadent as you want.


This trick is great for anyone putting snacks out for the family during the holiday season. Set out the perfect amount of cheese and crackers. Want some grapes as well? There’s a cup for that! You can even decorate your tray to make it more festive.