These Giant Dog Sculptures Are Cool But Their Real Purpose Is Simply Amazing

Imagine pulling up to a place called the Dog Bark Park Inn and realizing that the giant dog sculptures in the yard are the actual homes where you will be spending your night. This amazing location in Cottonwood, Idaho is most definitely a one-of-a-kind experience.

Owners Dennis J. Sullivan and Frances Conklin are chainsaw artists who earned money in 1995 when some successfully sold their products on QVC.

The products that helped them raise the money for their B&B are featured in the gift shop.

Guests receive dog themed snacks.

The rooms are comfy and given off a simple living feel.

Breakfast is of course included.

Here is the entrance to the Dog Bark Park.

The little dog and big dog definitely stand out.

There are even dog themed books and games.

The dog motif can be found all around the B&B.

Of course there is a resident dog.

The venue was created just like a regular home, although with a very unique design.

A lot of care was put into building the fun vacation spot.

Would you stay at the Dog Bark Park.

What a great place for dog lovers to visit! Be sure to Share this amazing location with your friends and family.