These Hilarious Tweets From Parents Will Make You Wish Summer Vacation Didn’t Exist

Summer vacation is a time for children to let loose. After being cooped up at school for months on end, the summer gives kids the free time they deserve. Parents get left with the short end of the stick in this situation. Activities become boring; there’s never enough to do, and school can never start back up soon enough. Go through and discover the hilarious tweets from parents during summer vacation. It might leave you questioning their sanity.

Need More Time



Being a parent means a lot of future planning. This parent learned the hard way that making plans isn’t enough sometimes. 56 activities might sound like enough, but it’s far from it.

What should Kate Hall do next? Her best bet is to come up with at least double the number of activities and have an extra 50 as a safety net. That might buy her a few extra days, and if it doesn’t, her summer battery will get drained by the end of the week.