These Hilarious Tweets From Parents Will Make You Wish Summer Vacation Didn’t Exist

Summer vacation is a time for children to let loose. After being cooped up at school for months on end, the summer gives kids the free time they deserve. Parents get left with the short end of the stick in this situation. Activities become boring; there’s never enough to do, and school can never start back up soon enough. Go through and discover the hilarious tweets from parents during summer vacation. It might leave you questioning their sanity.

Need More Time



Being a parent means a lot of future planning. This parent learned the hard way that making plans isn’t enough sometimes. 56 activities might sound like enough, but it’s far from it.

What should Kate Hall do next? Her best bet is to come up with at least double the number of activities and have an extra 50 as a safety net. That might buy her a few extra days, and if it doesn’t, her summer battery will get drained by the end of the week.

Watch Out, Kids!



Here’s a sure-fire way to keep the children at bay. Many people are afraid of spiders, and by remembering that you can use it to your advantage. That is precisely what JJ Hartinger did.

Perhaps, a black widow was hiding. They like to do that whether you want to scare away children or not. You can’t call this a complete lie, but you can name it one of the best saves in parenting history.

Please, Not The Cheese



Cheese is a way of life. The dairy product brings joy to many people’s lives. It will break your heart if you have to blow good cheese for whatever reason. When your kids put it to waste, it is a little more manageable, but it still hurts.

As you can see, this Twitter user loves cheese. He also despised the fact that his child asked to scrape off cheese from a burger. It’s okay to feel sympathy for this guy.

Where’s The Fire?



It looks like Lurkin’ Mom has her summer all figured out. All it took was some legos and a basement. After reading this tweet, you have to imagine the kids will be busy plenty of the summer vacation days.

We don’t advise all parents to try this. Not everyone has the safest environment in their basement. And perhaps one of the kids might wise up and realize a fire won’t happen. Thus forcing them to find a way to bring forth real flames.

Where’s The Time?



Time flies when you’re having fun. Sadly, it goes by horribly slow when you aren’t. Not to say this parent isn’t enjoying the extra time with her children that she loves. We’re just saying her joy isn’t as high as it could be.

It almost sounds like she’s in one of those nightmares that you are unable to wake up from. Hopefully, she’ll wise up and figure out 100 activities for her kids to enjoy.

A Long Countdown



Here we have the perfect example of a written time lapse. We can’t see this Twitter user’s face, but we’re sure that when August came around, his whole facial expression had some agony on it. All the while, the boys are having the time of their life.

Not every parent can have children that don’t require much attention. The best part about this is that she gets to experience it again next year!

World’s Longest Chore List

wrap around.jpg


Sometimes being a kid means not speaking too soon. You never know what one of your parents has in store for you. In this example, Kelley’s son is about to be in for a world of hurt.

All this little boy had to do was enjoy the extra free time, and everything would have been fine. Now’s he’s about to engage in chores that will cost him his whole summer vacation. This is what happens when you open your mouth too early.

Get The Earplugs…



People who know how to play instruments well can be a blessing. Kids that get a hold of them can hurt your ears. And you don’t want to hurt their feelings, so restricting them from playing isn’t the best idea.

It looks like Kim Bongiorno is in a hard position. Unless her child has some skills she doesn’t know about, Kim is about to be in for a long ride. Maybe she’ll hide it and say it came up missing.

Show Them Right



It’s never too soon to start teaching your kids. We don’t know precisely how old these children are, but if they’re strong enough to move the vacuum around, they are plenty old.

Teaching them to do the laundry too young might be harder. The possibilities of them mixing up the dark with lights is enormous. Then you are left with pink socks and a colorful white t-shirt. We don’t advise this strategy to everyone.

All You Need Is A Bike



Riding bikes can be a pleasant experience. The wind blows in your face as you calmly whisk through the city. Now imagine all that while a young kid is talking your ear off. The moment gets ruined.

The only thing off here is the length of the bike ride. Hour-long rides are more of a workout than they are relaxing. An hour car-ride with kids can be a little stressful so mixing that with labor must be tough.

Keep Hope Alive



Some people think 24 hours in a day isn’t enough. That’s fine until they have kids home during summer vacations. At that point, all you can sometimes do is count down the hours until school starts back.

This mother from Twitter had 1,692 hours left at the time of this tweet. And although it seems like a long time away, knowing those hours were slipping away probably brought her enough sanity to make it through the summer.

Playing With Ducks



Ducks are fun little creatures. If they come up to you, it’s hard not to interact with them. You can feed them, but if you’re a kid, there is more you can do. Robert Knop’s seven-year-old did something else around the ducks.

For Knop, this had to be an alarming sight when he looked back and saw his child eating food with disgusting fingers. For the kid, it was just another day, another cracker.

Slick Mother Of The Year



This mother deserves a medal of some sort. Assuming she has her sights on the children as they wait, there couldn’t have been a better idea to scheme up. The kids are probably wondering what is going on, but mom is as happy as can be.

We wonder how many days she’ll try and keep this act up. Her children are probably too young to understand that if the bus doesn’t show up for the second day then perhaps school is out.

Where’s Your Proof?

under water flippp.jpg


If you’re ever forced to take care of children while they’re swimming, then you will empathize with this tweet way more. Kids think they are on the Olympic team when they are at the swimming pool. And of course, they want you to be their audience the whole time.

Even when they take their talents to the shallow side, they will still question your viewership. As a heads up, clap and tell them great job every time. That should work most times.

Time To Grocery Shop



You spend all your hard earned cash to make sure your kids are fed properly at school. You buy them everything they want and some things they need, but they still don’t eat their school lunches. We’re not exactly sure why the kids do this.

Perhaps they’re eating the food the school gives them and getting full off of that. There are some reasons, but the worst part is having them eat all the household goods not meant for their lunch.

Never Twice



Children are not always easy to please. Especially when they don’t have school to help drain all the energy they have saved up. Doing one activity with them isn’t going to cut it sometimes and James Breakwell found that out.

Giving them ice cream used to be enough. Now you have to provide the kids with the treat and take them somewhere exciting. Each parent has their tactic, but now Breakwell has to find his.

Send Help



This lurking mother is asking for prayer for the wrong individual. A kid that doesn’t have their right snack can be a handful. Screaming and kicking might be involved. The parent gets put in a tough situation.

This is why the prayers should be going up for the mother. She is probably pulling her hair out wondering how she didn’t bring the right pretzels. Next time she’ll do better, and we’re sure of it.

The Jig Is Up



Are you trying to think of a great place to hide from the kids during summer vacation? Don’t worry, Jenny Pentland has you covered. These destinations are sure to leave you feeling free for at least 20 minutes.

Once you leave, however, you’re back in the world of children with unlimited free time. There is no telling what could go down during these periods which is why it is best to have these places ready.

Straight To The Point



Kids no longer go outside and play like they used to. Technology has absorbed their willpower of performing physical activity. This makes them more inclined to stay inside and possibly disturb parental units.

Demanding that your child go out and play isn’t a bad thing. That is precisely what they need. No school means no recess, so Sara is up to something with this one. We don’t know how much the kids will like this idea.

I Just Did The Dishes!



Sometimes your children will never learn. No matter how many times you tell them not to waste any food or drinks, it is bound to happen. And if they witnessed you clean something, they are moments away from dirtying it up again.

The best thing you can do is buckle up and enjoy the ride. One day summer vacation will be over, and they will become a handful for some random teacher for the school year.