These Kids Didn’t Hold Back For Crazy Hair Day

Crazy Hair Day is a staple at nearly every elementary school. The point is to let kids’ creativity go wild. Back in the day, the craziest hair-dos maybe included some pigtails or if you were lucky, some spray-on hair color.

Well, kids (and their parents) today have upped the ante and are starting to go all out for Crazy Hair Day. We’re talking props, hair gel, and gravity-defying styles. Check out these ultra-creative kids and their wacky hairstyles.

A Taste Of The Island Lifestyle

To achieve this look, use an old paper towel tube and string a braided ponytail through the top. Once you have some hair hanging out over the top, add the finishing details by wrapping the towel roll with twine, add some flowers, and finish with hair dye.

crazy hair day 11

This little girl must have been feeling the island vibes when she thought up this palm tree and beach inspired scene. With a little engineering, she completely transformed into a deserted island.