These Pet Dogs Look Transformed After A Trip To The Groomer

There are plenty of animal lovers who adore their pets, no matter how they appear. However, grooming is a vital part of pet care and hygiene. These dogs looked like disheveled balls of fluff before heading out to their local groomer. After being bathed and trimmed, they appear ready for a dog show. From revealing endearing facial expressions to restoring plush fur, these pet groomers knew what they were doing. You won’t believe the incredible transformation of these precious dogs.

There Are Those Pleading Eyes

This sweet pooch may have been adorable before, but you could hardly see his face! His long fur not only blocked his big eyes but also appears to have trapped some crumbs.

Nikki Farmer/Pinterest
Nikki Farmer/Pinterest

After a trip to the groomer, this dog’s fur looks soft as your favorite throw blanket. Best of all, you can see his big eyes and sweet smile. Now the owner might not have to worry about food and dirt piling up in their pet’s fur, but they will have to resist the power of puppy eyes.