These Pets With Snapchat Filters Will Brighten Your Day

Snapchat has grown to become the fourth most popular social media platform out there (Facebook is number one, with Instagram and Pinterest second and third.) The app has 187 million daily users, as of February 2018, and is borderline addicting. When Snapchat was initially created, researchers thought that it would mostly be used for sexting, as the content disappears after a set time. But, that has not been the case. Many users go straight to Snapchat to get a good laugh, and once we learned the filters work on pets’ faces, we just had to take advantage of it. Here’s what happens when you apply a Snapchat filter to a cat or dog!

Small Face No Problem

bear pinterest.jpg

Bear / Pinterest

This cat just had an attitude adjustment. Its big mouth got reduced to the size of a fingernail. The eyes are smaller than pennies. The filter used on this cat is remarkable because it actually looks realistic- in a way. You look at it once, then again, then closer… it doesn’t get old.

The Alien Cat

bethany solter pinterest.jpg

Bethany solter / Pinterest

This cat looks like it is from another world. It’s true that cats sometimes have irregularly shaped eyes, but nothing on this scale. This little one must have fled the scene in the Area 51 crash and ended up becoming a pet. The big eye filter is a classic for sure.

Toasted Cat

arata pinterestttt.jpg

Arata / Pinterest

Cat breading is a thing, and don’t even start thinking about why. In fact, it got so popular to cut a hole in a piece of bread and put it on your cat that Snapchat produced a bread filter, so you can cat bread anytime. And yes, people definitely do.

Here Comes The Pain

jennifer jar pinterest.jpg

Jennifer Jar / Pinterest

This dog is ready to burn some fat. She’s been waiting to get this core workout in so she can get rid her unwanted love handles. The pink headband compliments her eyes. The matching pink dumbbell is a nice accessory as well. The other dogs better watch out when they see her.

Do You Smell Bacon?

ibeebz pinterest.jpg

Ibeebz / Pinterest

This little piggie got turned into a Snapchat filter. What you’re seeing is a puppy with the cutest pig filter ever. It even made the puppy’s eyes more adorable. We hope that when the owner showed this image to the puppy it was appreciated and he or she didn’t lick the screen.

The Harmless Cat

briannah pinterest.jpg

Briannah / Pinterest

Here we have one of the cutest cats on this list. Even after you take away the filter, this cat still is as adorable as they come. The little glasses and bow combo is one for the ages. It looks like she is about to go to a beauty pageant for cats.


stella pinterest.jpg

Stella / Pinterest

A classic move is putting the dog filter on your cat. The cat doesn’t know what’s going on, so it makes it a little funnier. But we’re sure that if the cat knew that it transformed into its rival animal, it would be a problem.

The Eyes Say It All

dog lovers pinterest.jpg

Dog lovers / Pinterest

If dogs had eyes this big, we don’t think they would be such a favorite pet. When it’s just for a filter, then it is acceptable. This little guy looks like he’s rolling his eyes after his owner told him to fetch the ball. Don’t quote us but that could be the case.

The Cat That Sees Into The Future

valerie taylor pinterest.jpg

Valerie taylor / Pinterest

Either this cat has seen some things she would rather not tell, or she can look into the future. You pick what you want to believe. We’re going to say she was granted the power to see into the future after this filter was applied. That glare means a lot.

Glamourous Pup

brenda skeens pinterest.jpg

Brenda Skeens / Pinterest

This little puppy looks like she’s getting ready to head to the senior prom. The makeup is on point, and the bows on top finish the look. She’s got a sassy face going on as well so it would be best to stay out of her way.

Chubby Cheeks

kukadoo twitter.jpg

Kukadoo / Pinterest

This is one of the cutest filters to put on an animal. Making your precious pet a little chubbier never hurt. It makes them more loveable. The filter even made this dog’s smile bigger. All you need to do is make this your screensaver if you like cute chubby pups.

May I Help You?

taytay214 pinterestt.jpg

Taytay214 / Pinterest

This is one sophisticated dog. The glasses sit perfectly on his nose. The mustache compliments the glasses perfectly. This dog must be going places. That, or he has his B.S. in Biochem. We’ll settle for either or of those options. Professor Pup might be your next instructor.

Rainbow Snot

arata pinterest.jpg

Arata / Pinterest

Haters will say its photoshopped. This precious filter was all the rage when it first came out. Then someone figured out that you could do it to your dog. The results are as seen above. Clueless dogs were victims of filter usage beyond their will. Nothing will ever be the same.

The Cat In Love

mounica pinterest.jpg

Mounica / Pinterest

This cat is love struck. There is nothing that can to be done once you enter the phase of floating hearts. That pretty much signifies that you are head over heels for someone. We hope this cat has the power not to let this takeover its life.

Hedgehog Or Flower Pet?

sara pinterest.jpg

Sara / Pinterest

Having a hedgehog as a pet is something new that seems to be trending. They are similar to hamsters as far as maintenance goes but arguably cuter. If you or someone you know has a hedgehog, then try and see if the filters work on them.

Are Those Perscription?

lynn whitelaw pinterest.jpg

Lynn whitelaw / Pinterest

It appears that this cat has stumbled upon a pair of reading glasses. It’s not like cats need any more help with their excellent vision. The cat minds her business then the owner decides to burst out the filters. Oddly enough, this cat looks like she should be wearing glasses regularly.

Bambi Or Kitty?

arata pinteresttt.jpg

Arata / Pinterest

This cat does not look like he is having fun becoming a deer. As cute as the filter is, the cat’s face screams leave me alone. If that isn’t the case, then it looks like he just woke up from a nap. To wake up and have a filter put on you immediately isn’t as fun as it sounds.

Have You Ever Seen This?

taytay214 pinterest.jpg

Taytay214 / Pinterest

No, this isn’t the lizard from the commercials. This is someone’s pet gecko with the dalmatian dog filter on it. Dreams do come true. Even the caption under the picture can’t believe it. You can’t find cute quality images like this everywhere and that we can promise.

Inspector Kitty

donna clark pinterest.jpg

Donna clark / Pinterest

If you have been a bad kitty, then you better watch out. There is a new sheriff in town, and he doesn’t play games. The glasses are for extra intimidation. The sideways stance shows that he’s ready for whatever whenever. Don’t eat the catnip around this one.

Crown Her

taytay214 pinteresttt.jpg


The stance says it all. This cat was meant to be crowned. Staring off into the distance as she plots her next duties. To make a mess at the litter box or not is the question. Cry until the wet food comes or be happy with the dry food? A queen cat has to deal with a lot.