These Schools Are Replacing Detention With Meditation And The Results Are Astounding

As the world grows and changes, it is critical our education system does as well. Detention has become an outdated practice that several schools are replacing with meditation and mindfulness education. This new practice of anti-punishment uses life-enrichment theories to curve “negative” student behavior.

Programs like Holistic Me have put their foot on the gas towards revolutionizing after-school education. So far the results are overwhelmingly positive, but not everyone is convinced of the power of mindfulness in the classroom just yet. Robert Coleman Elementary in urban Maryland has already converted, and the results are stunning!

Detention Harms The Student-Teacher Relationship

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Photo Credit: Gideon Mendel/Corbis via Getty Images

To be effective educators, teachers must have the respect and trust of their students. According to research conducted by Dr. Ruth Payne of Leeds University, detention detracts from this bond. According to her findings, “things that encroach on kids’ time don’t seem to work, ” while verbal warnings and contacting parents did.

Teachers further damage the relationship when they call students out in front of the class. This form of punishment is embarrassing and demeaning. Dr. Payne suggests speaking to the student privately instead to try and get to the bottom of the disruptive behavior.