These Smart Hacks Can Save Your Life In Case Of An Emergency

Those who want to live their life as safely as possible should be well-versed in necessary survival skills. Not only are these hacks useful, but they have the potential to save lives.

Whether you need to know how to jumpstart your car, check for signs of stroke, or escape from a riptide, here is what you should do in case of an emergency.

What To Look For In Case Of A Stroke

Strokes are more common than you may think, so it’s beneficial to know the initial signs.

old woman in front of a pink background
Aline Dassel/Pixabay
Aline Dassel/Pixabay

The best thing to do is use the FAST acronym. This stands for facial drooping, arm weakness, speech difficulties, and time. Other symptoms to look out for include sudden confusion, blurriness, dizziness, loss of balance, and lack of coordination.