This amazing artist envisions Disney princesses as new moms

Disney princesses are some of the most recognizable characters in the world. They are whimsical, they inspire, and they live on in our imaginations.

But what happens once these princesses fall in love and find their future husband? Artist Kristen Keller Reeves took the sweetest answer to that story and envisioned beautiful maternity portraits.

Each Disney princess is painted as new mother holding their new baby.

Reeves uses a combination of pencil sketches and Photoshop coloring. Here are pictures of Rapunzel, Ariel, Jasmine, and Belle as new mothers.

Rapunzel: We have a sneaking suspicion this little baby’s hair is going to grow very long.



Ariel: Are there fins or legs under that blanket?

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Jasmine: If he’s like his father in his younger days they will have their hands full.  Instagram

Belle: His dad used to be a monster but this little boy is 100% adorable human. 

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Now that’s what we call a happily ever after.

Check out more of this amazing artists work on her Instagram account.