This Blind Rescue Cow Found Friendship In The Most Unlikely Place

We aren’t so different from the animals who roam this planet. They get lonely and sad just like we do. They also can be lifted out of a dark place with a little bit of help from a caring friend.

This is the story of Baby, a blind rescue cow who was so down on her luck that she was crying herself to sleep every night… until someone figured out what the problem was. Sometimes it takes a bit of animal intuition to figure out why someone is feeling blue.

Meet Baby, The Blind Cow

This is Baby. She was rescued when she was young and for a long time, she lived at Don’t Forget Us Pet Us animal sanctuary in Dartmouth, Massachusetts.

Facebook / Don’t Forget Us Pet Us
Facebook / Don’t Forget Us Pet Us

Because Baby was blind, she wasn’t able to live her life as a normal, sighted cow would. She would need around-the-clock care that she wouldn’t be able to find at an average farm. That’s where Don’t Forget Us Pet Us came in.