This Couple Owns Two Tiny Homes And Are Sharing Their Tiny Life With Us

If you had the option to buy a home with your partner that gave you the opportunity to drastically reduce your monthly spending, reduce your carbon footprint, and give you more time to focus on what’s important to you, you’d do it, right?

Now, what if that home was actually only 270 square feet and was on wheels? That’s the decision Tim Davidson and Sam Cosner made nearly 3 years ago when they chose to move into a tiny home.

Before They Went Tiny

When Tim and Sam were first dating, the couple lived separately with Sam in her own apartment and Tim living in his parent’s rental property in Sarasota, Florida. One day, Tim’s parents gave him 6 months notice that he had to move out, which is when the couple made the decision to move in together.

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Photo Credit: Instagram / @tiffany_the_tiny_home
Photo Credit: Instagram / @tiffany_the_tiny_home