This Father Shows What Life Is Really Like With Four Daughters

Simon Hooper is the man behind the massively popular Father of Daughters Instagram page. Many dads identify with Simon, who writes about being a father to four young girls (making him grossly outnumbered in his household). He has nearly a million followers who enjoy reading his humorous observations about parenting.

Simon tells it like it is without glamorizing life as a parent. He had no idea what he was in for when he first started his family with his wife Clemmie. He has since learned that being outnumbered in a family of six may be tough, but he wouldn’t give it up for the world.

Simon & His Wife Got Started By Sharing Stories About Their Lives

Clemmie and Simon Hooper, also known as “Mother and Father of Daughters” on Instagram, have four daughters: Anya Rose, Marnie, Ottilie and Delilah. Clemmie is a midwife and writer. She shares stories about being a mom and a midwife on social media.

a selfie with simon and clemmie
Simon Hooper Instagram @father_of_daughters
Simon Hooper Instagram @father_of_daughters

Simon is also an author. After seeing his wife’s online success, he followed suit with his own Instagram page and his popularity has soared. Last year he published his first parenting book, Forever Outnumbered. The pair met when they were students at Bristol University and were both hanging out at a “cheesy” nightclub.