This fearless ‘Sheepcat’ watches over his flock of lambs

When we think of wrangling a bunch of sheep it’s the sheepdog that comes to mind. These fearless four-legged farm animals help wrangle sheep with pure abandon and they are really good at their job. However, there is another less known watcher of sheep — the elusive “sheepcat.”

Steve was a former house cat until he became a “sheep cat” or leader of a flock of lamb.s

His owner, Amanda Whitlock, shares her house in Waitotara, New Zealand with the friendly feline, but also allows her sheep into the home during the colder winter months.

The cold winter months helped form a relationship between Steve and the lambs.

Amanda and her partner, Ben Aiken, soon realized that Steve was spending most of his time outside with his new lamb family.

Eventually, the cat-led flock became inseparable.

Ben brought the lambs to the farm to foster and had no idea such a relationship was forming.

The lambs follow Steve around the farm and oftentimes will play with the cat just for fun.

Steve cuddles with his new friends and sometimes one of the farms 10 dogs will join in the fun.

Steve has become a local celebrity after Instagram photos of his daily life gathered thousands of likes.