This Grandpa Dressed Up For His Granddaughter’s Prom When She Didn’t Have A Date

grandpa dresses up for teen prom pictures

As prom season rolls around, many high school seniors are gearing up for one of the most memorable nights of the year. Some even go so far as to ask that special someone to be their date in an extravagant “promposal.” But what happens if all your options for a date fall through and you’re left high and dry? One teen from Lancaster, California made the most of the situation.

Seventeen-year-old Kaylah Bell already had a beautiful gown to wear to her senior prom, the only problem was securing a date. “I was talking to some people but they all flaked out. It was really hard to find someone to commit to being my prom date,” she told Yahoo! Lifestyle.

Luckily, Bell knew one person who would never let her down. “My grandpa was the only one that I knew would dress to impress. So, I had asked him to take pictures with me,” she said. “My grandpa is very stylish. Every Sunday when we go to church, him and my grandma dress alike and dress together for church and banquets.”

Bell says her grandpa – 67-year-old pastor Alvin Hackett – gets his style inspiration from Steve Harvey. Indeed, when the night of Bell’s prom came around, Hackett served a look that the Internet simply couldn’t get over. Dressed in a navy-blue striped suit and a pink satin tie, Hackett even bought a matching corsage for his beautiful granddaughter.

“My papa knew I didn’t have a date to my prom so he matched me !!!!!!!!” Bell wrote on Twitter alongside the photos, which were viewed by hundreds of thousands of people. Though Hackett didn’t actually accompany his granddaughter to the prom, he did have the opportunity to drive her there. When they arrived, everyone couldn’t get enough of the adorable duo.