This Inception inspired coffee table will blow your mind

Inception coffee table

Stelios Mousarris watched the movie Inception and apparently thought, “I can turn that into furniture.”

That might not have been what the average person would think after watching the Leonardo DiCaprio starring movie, but the ‘Wave City Coffee Table’ is actually rather inspired.

It draws on the scene in the movie where the power to bend dreams according to the dream architect’s will is demonstrated.

Just like in the movie, the table folds an urban landscape on itself.

The table was built using wood, steel, and 3D printing technology. It’s not cheap at nearly $4400.

Designer Stelios Moussaris is located in Cyprus. He worked for Fosters and Partners as a model maker and as an assistant designer at Duffy London before striking out on his own with the “Moussaris” company.

Inception table

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