These Parents Learned What Can Happen If You Leave A Toddler Alone In A Room

There’s an old joke that says a child can take 35 minutes to tie their shoelaces but leave them alone with your iPhone for 17 seconds and they will delete all of your apps and call your boss. It’s true that when given the chance to go unsupervised children will find some pretty incredible ways to cause a mess.

The toddlers on our list managed to use food, markers, toilet paper, and a ton of other items found around the house to cause massive disaster areas in a very short period of time.

That’s Not Coming Out Anytime Soon

If you have a toddler in your house it’s crucial that you hide all of your markers, especially the ones that will leave permanent marks on your cupboards, walls, and furniture. Adding insult to injury is the fact that toddlers are not exactly creating masterpieces.

Pinterest/ Brenda Rose
Pinterest/ Brenda Rose

If you don’t mind a bunch of scribbles all over your couch, then by all means, don’t safely store your markers. This little kid definitely realizes they were caught in the act and totally guilty of doing exactly what mom and dad told them never to do. Either way, they are still totally adorable at the same time.