This Man Embraced The Squirrels With A Custom Picnic Table

There are plenty of ways you can spruce up your yard. Some people set up a fountain, while others install bird feeders. Well, bird feeders attract more than just birds. The squirrels always seem to find a way in there.

Well, one man had some extra time and decided that it was time to embrace the squirrels in his yard. He outfitted them with a custom picnic table and started a new trend in yard decor.

A Perfect Place For A Nice Little Treat

Rick Kalinowski, a plumber from Pennsylvania, decided that it was time to offer the squirrels in his yard a proper place to eat their meals. Considering he’s had a bit of extra time on his hands, it’s good to see he used that time in the best way possible.

squirrel picnic table
Photo Credit: Twitter / @lucyleid
Photo Credit: Twitter / @lucyleid