This man spent 25 years building $1M cave houses

Man Carves Homes From Caves

Ra Paulette, a 67-year-old man with a love for art and peace, has taken the name “caveman” to a whole new level.

For the last 25 years Paulette, and with his dog for company, he has been carving beautiful and breathtaking caves in New Mexico’s sandstone hills. Paulette spends hundreds of hours meticulously carving and scraping each cave masterpiece. Some caves can take up to two years to complete!

When asked if he considers himself obsessed with carving these cave homes Paulette replied “Would you call a child being “obsessed” with play?”

Paulette has no formal training in architecture, carving or interior design, yet he has created magnificent cave creations that any homeowner would be impressed to call home.

“I’m trying to open up people’s feelings” Paulette explains when asked why he does what he does.

For many years, Paulette’s work went unnoticed until a documentary was created about his creations.  The documentary, “Cavedigger,” was nominated for an Academy Award.

Paulette is now working on what he calls his “Magnus opus” of a project. His largest cave creation to date.

Paulette is in his late 60s and says this last cave creation will not be completed until he is well into his 70s.

Want to live in one of these luxurious cave homes? It will cost you a pretty penny. They are currently on the market for close to $1M.