This Town Was Built To Look Just Like Bedrock From The Flintstones

In Arizona, 30 miles south of the Grand Canyon, you can find this touristy ghost town called Bedrock City. As the name suggests the town was built to look like the famous city from the Flintstones.

The town has a tourist shop, theme park, diner, and camping grounds.

The buildings in the town are created from cement and feature bright colors just like the original cartoon series.

A Flintstones Inspired Town

The diner also serves as a gift shop

A Real Life Flintstones Town

The inside of the homes are also Flintstones inspired.

Awesome Bedrock Inspired City

The bright colors really add a cool feel to the city’s buildings.

Awesome Bedrock Town

There is even a hair salon.

Awesome Town looks like Bedrock

Admittedly the inside of the shop is a bit creepy.


Even the stove is made of stone. It’s probably great for pizza making.

Bedrock City Town

There is even a local post office made out of cement.

Bedrock City

The campgrounds are also Flintstones inspired.

Bedrock Town like Flintstones

The moment you arrive there is no hiding the Flintstones influence.

Bedrock Town

Probably not the most effective fire department.

Bedrock USA

Care for some music?

Check out this bedrock inspired city

Fred Flintstones famous dinosaur slide!

Dino Slide in Bedrock Town USA

Fred’s House.

Flintstones Inspired City

A Fun Goat petting area. 

Goat Pen In Flintstones Town

Policeman’s House.

Real Life Bedrock Town

Barney’s house.

The Bedrock City Town USA

The artwork around town is fun!

The Flintstones - An Inspired Town

The local grocery store.

Town Looks Like Flintstones

Inside the local store.

Flintstones Town

The first known car.

Yabba Dabba Do Town

So there you have it Bedrock City literally looks like something out of the Flintstones.

Would you like to visit Bedrock City?