Three feral dogs were starving on a mountain until these people did something about it

ginger rescued

Three feral dogs were starving on a mountain in Wrightwood, California until Eldad Hagar and his team at Hope for Paws did something to change their lives.

Hope for Paws is a rescue organization founded by Hagar and his wife Audrey. Based in Los Angeles, the couple and their team rescue strays in the city and surrounding areas.

Hagar posted the organization’s latest rescue video on Christmas Eve with the caption, “Merry Christmas! This rescue video has snow and below freezing temperatures, but it will warm your heart .”

Local rescuers attempted to rescue the dogs for more than a week, but they weren’t successful until Hope for Paws showed up. Working in the snow in 20 degree weather, rescuer Lisa Chiarelli was able to coax one of the dogs, Ginger, out of hiding.

Using hamburger to lure her, the team got a leash around her, picked her up, and carried her to safety.

However, the other two feral dogs, Sage and Emma, were too scared. Sage stayed out of the brush, but Emma disappeared.

Despite attempting to lure them out with a live trap and lots of food, neither dog would come.

Eventually, Lisa and the Hope for Paws team took Ginger to the hospital while another team of rescuers worked to save Emma and Sage. By the time they reached the hospital, Sage had been rescued.

It took another two days to save the last feral dog on the mountain.

Despite the ordeal, all three dogs quickly learned to accept love and affection from their rescuers, as well as their foster families. Sage and Emma were quickly adopted, but Ginger is still available for adoption through SCLRR.