Times Men Were Actually V Good And Wholesome

Most of the things I write about men involve complaining about their lack of basic hygiene/empathy/understanding how you’re supposed to text a woman, but today I decided to switch it up a little. As much as I, like, hate men, I must admit that some of them can do really cute, pure, wholesome things.

Here are some explains of men being v good (and if any of you know these men—and they’re single—please slide me the digits).

We Love A Guy Who Confronts His Friends’ Negative Behaviors

One of the most irritating things I’ve found through my dating experiences are men who will recognize that their friends are saying inappropriate things, but say nothing about it.

i was walking back to me apartment after tanning ant the pool and I passed a porch with a few (very drunk) guys on it and one whistled at me and his friend punched him and screamed
Photo Credit: Instagram / @breast
Photo Credit: Instagram / @breast

We stan this confrontational king!