Tortilla Swaddlers And Other Hilarious Baby Products For Those Extra Parents

The future is here folks and gone are the days when parenthood products only come in muted pastel colors or paisley designs. There’s a whole world out there beyond the giraffe and zebra print too – and it’s warm in the center with a crispy outer shell.

Here and ready to soothe is the tortilla baby swaddle blanket. It’s adorable, it’s entertaining, and it comes with beans, but guac is extra. Here are the burrito babies and other customers enjoying the weird and wonderful world of 21st-century parenting. Spoiler alert – there’s a lot of cute onesie action.

Tortilla Swaddler Makes This The Most Expensive Burrito You’ll Buy

This burrito only comes in snack size – thank God because you wouldn’t have been able to finish a large anyways. These savory swaddlers are making waves all over the internet right now and I’m here for it.

baby burrito tortilla swaddler sleeping baby
Photo Credit: elizabeth backler / Instagram
Photo Credit: elizabeth backler / Instagram

Parents everywhere are discarding their boring and common swaddle blankets for cozy themed ones that everyone can enjoy. As long as it’s soft, the baby is happy – it’s an added bonus if it looks as good as it feels. Viva la baby wraps!