Hilarious Tweets That Show How Remote Learning Is Really Going For Parents

With the 2020 quarantine in full effect, many parents have had to adapt to being with their children at home all day. Many schools have shifted towards remote learning, which can be quite an experience for parents. From little kids using “technical issues” as an excuse to get out of work, to parents loudly complaining without realizing they’re unmuted, there’s plenty of e-learning entertainment. Read on for some hilarious experiences parents have had with remote learning.

Don’t Underestimate This Kid

This mom learned about not underestimating her kid on her first day remote learning. She wrote, “Not even part of the way through day 1 of school, my 11yo has lost 2 pens, a calculator, a pencil and a notebook.”


Though losing all of those supplies would be impressive if she were at a regular school, the real kicker is that the child was “sitting at the kitchen table the whole time.” The baffled mother could only respond with a single question: “How?”