Two Brothers Jump Into Action When They Spot A Dog On A Frozen Lake

On the day after Christmas 2020, local brothers Kory and Kevin Klosterman went down to Grand Lake, Ohio to watch the sunset and take photos. It was cold and the lake was frozen over. There weren’t many people around. That’s when they spotted a dog out on the lake who had fallen through the ice. As the sun went down, Kevin jumped into action and headed out onto the thin ice to try to save the dog. But the story didn’t end there.

Grand Lake Was Frozen Over With A Thin Layer Of Ice

On the day after Christmas, Kory Klosterman and his brother Kevin decided to go down to Grand Lake at sunset to take some photos. Kory brought his canoe with him, in case the ice had melted a bit.

Facebook/Kory Klosterman
Facebook/Kory Klosterman

When the brothers got there, they saw the lake was frozen over with a thin layer of ice. Kory left the canoe on the shore and started taking photos. It was a cold but beautiful night.