US Marine Gave Up Hope Being Reunited With His Dog Until A Phone Call Changed Everything

In 2011, United States Marine Nick Montez worked alongside Mally, a yellow Labrador retriever specializing in sniffing out bombs. They were on tour together in Afghanistan, and when Mally was called to serve elsewhere, Nick never thought he’d see his partner again.

After years of hoping, one phone call changed everything.

Nick Montez: US Marine

Nick Montez spent four years as a United States Marine, including a tour in Afghanistan in 2011. Before his deployment, though, Nick spent some time going through the Marine Corps’ dog-handler program.

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KREM 2 News/YouTube
KREM 2 News/YouTube

After completing the course, Nick was partnered with Mally, a yellow Labrador retriever who specialized in sniffing out bombs.