These Valentine’s Day Cards Are Really Punny. I Love #1 And #3

Do you have a spouse or significant other who really loves puns? With Valentine’s Day just around the corner why not give them a card that shouts their brand of punny humor from the mountaintops.

1. The Geekiest Way To Say “You’re The One For Me”

Yoda One For Me Valentines Day Card

2. I Love A Play On Words

Valentines Day

3. We Love Otter Humor

Valentines Day Punny Card

4. If Swearing Was Adorable.

Valentines Day Pun Card

5. Naughty Harry Potter Humor.

Valentines Day Card Fun

6. Foodie Humor for Valentines Day.

Valentines Day Card - Pizza

7. Some Puppy Humor.

Valentines Day Card - Humor

8. A Dino-Mite Valentine’s Day Card.

Valentines Day - Dinosaur Card

9. A Geeky Card For Science Lovers

The Funny Valentines Day Card Collection

10. A Coffee Lover’s Valentine’s Day Card.

Awesome Valentines Day Card

11. You Either Get This Card Or You Don’t.

Funny Valentines Day Card

12. Soy Humor? It’s Oddly Funny.

Funy V-Day Card

13. Italian Romance?

Hilarious V-Day Card

14. A Bow-Entine Card.

Really Funny V-Day Card

15. Avocado Humor?

Really Funny Valentines Day Card Starring Avocados

16. 8-Bit Valentine’s Day Humor.

Silly 8-Bit Valentines Day Card

17. A Nerdy Valentine’s Day Card.

Silly V-Day Card

18. You’re The Only One For Me Translated Into Star Wars Talk.

Star Wars Valentines Day Card

19. You’re My Perfect Cup Of Tea.

Adorable Valentines Day Card