Looking Out For Others: How One Server’s Small Act Of Kindness Changed Her Life

Working at a Ruby Tuesday restaurant in New Hampshire, Sarah Hoidahl was a single mother doing her best to get by. A hard worker and a beloved employee, she was known for her kindness and generosity to customers. However, when two women from the National Guard came in one day for lunch, Sarah would show an act of kindness that was above and beyond!

She Was A Single Mother

It was a typical day for Sarah Hoidahl, a 21-year-old single mother who worked as a waitress at a New Hampshire Ruby Tuesday on Loudon Road in Concord. She clocked in, took orders, delivered food, chatted with regulars… nothing out of the ordinary.


She may have thought it was going to be just another average day when she woke up that morning. However, everything changed when two female National Guard officers sat down at one of her tables.